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The Yangtsze Kiang at Hankow

From Brute to Man

By Charles Morris

The use of Hydrocyanic Acid Gas for the Destruction of the Red Scale

By D.W. Coquillett

Fungi Parasitic upon Insects

The Magic Javelin

Vibrating Strings

Experiments with Spraying

Phosphorescent Bacteria

Coil Friction Power Transmitter

The Railroads of Mexico

Propeller for Pleasure Boats

Brickmaking in America

By W. Johnson

Omnibus with Roofed Imperial

The Manufacture of Vinegar

The Manufacture of Portland Cement from Slag

Light Batteries

Industrial Electric Ozonization

Lightning or other High Tension Current Protectors

By Oliver J. Lodge

The Apparatus for Electrical Execution

Historical Note on Thermal Batteries

By Henri Becquerel

Peroxide of Hydrogen: Its Preservation and Commercial Uses

By C.T. Kingzett

Analyses of some American Fire Clays

Feodossieff's New Method of Tempering and Hardening Steel for Cannon and Projectiles

By Watson Smith

A Novel Seesaw

Baking Powders

Useful Engineering Books

Building Plans and Specifications

Pharmaceutical Meeting


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    Patents!- May 31, 1890

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