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Smokeless Powder—The Explosives of the Past and of the Future

The Ship's Chronometer : Its History and Development

By Henry Dent Gardner

Laddering a Tall Chimney

Potash and Soda for Washing Woolen Yarn and Cloth

Automatic Heating of Wines

Refined Wool

By E. J. Fischer

Preparation of Cereals for Brewing

By A. Perry

Improved Automatic Tension for Driving Ropes

Electric Furnaces

By E. Taussig

The Arc Light for Projection

By L. H. Laudy

Electric Launches at the Edinburgh Exhibition

Fishery Sketches

The Horse's Hoof

By Williamson Bryden

Bathing and Boating Accidents

By Irving C. Rosse

Simple Experiments in Physics

Hypnotism in Paris

Recent Synthetical Experiments in the Sugar Series

The Carbonized Refuse System for Sewage

Useful Engineering Books

A Test Apparatus for Generator Gases

Building Plans and Specifications

Hydrogen Amalgam

Pain Killers


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    June 28, 1890

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