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Launch of H.M.S. Latona

Transmission of Power by Compressed Air

New Project for a Ship Railway

The Giffard Gun

Apparatus for Boiling Potatoes

The Ribbon Industry of St.Etienne

The Application of Frigorific Methods to Alimentation

The Telpher Railway

A New Field Camera Lucida

The Cylindrograph

Electro-Magnetic Radiation

By G. F. Fitzgerald

A Contribution to the Etiology of Diphtheria

By E. Klein

Manna-Yielding Plants

By John R. Jackson

The Dussohara Festival in Bengal

Observations of Meteors

Alkali Manufacture

An Analytical Lesson

On a New Method and Department of Chemical Research

By G. Gore

The Phosphorescence Produced upon the First Contact of Ozone with certain Fluids

By Ernst Fahrig

A Mercury Still for the Rapid Distillation of Mercury in a Vacuum

By Frederick J. Smith

Useful Engineering Books

Building Plans and Specifications


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August 30, 1890

Complex Causes. Alternative Solutions.