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The Belleville Cable Railway

The Sault Ste. Marie Canal

Fabrication of Twelve-Inch Mortars

By A. A. Fuller and F. N. Connet

Paris Central Pneumatic Power Stations

Every-Day Work in the Rubber Factory

By Nick R. Augur

The Amiral Baudin

The Electrolysis of Metallic Phosphates in Acid Solution

By Edgar R. Smith

Magic Photographs—The Mysterious Photograph

Connecting Lightning Conductors to Gas and Water Pipes

Electrolysis of Different Substances

By P.L. Aslanoglou

Color and Coloring

By A. H. church

Improved Ophthalmic Refractometer

Medicinal Soaps

Seborrhcea and Baldness

The Role of the Microbe

By A. R. Smart

An Improved Wave Apparatus

By John T. Stoddard

New Method of Extracting Cube Root

By H. A. Wood

The Gramophone


Competition between the Leblanc and the Solway Soda Processes

Tanning Analysis

By Muter

The Chlorine Industry

The Sulphuring of Dried Fruit

By Hilgard

Useful Engineering Books

Building Plans and Specifications


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    Patents- September 6, 1890

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