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High Speed Paddle Steamers

Steam Propulsion on Canals

Triple Screw Steel Protected Cruiser No. 12

The Photographic Image

Perfume Making in Nice

An Improved Surveyor's Instrument

Egrot's Tilting Still

A Foot Power Blowpipe

Heat Measuring

Color and Coloring

By A. H. Church

A Small Electric Motor for Amateurs

By C. D. Parkhurst

A New Simple and Economic Galvano-Cautery

By Armagnac

Renault's Dry Battery

The Dermatological Value of Sulpholeate of Sodium

The Ground Water and Drinking Water Theories of the Etiology of Cholera

Agricultural Depression

By C. S. Rice

Notes for Cheese Makers

By Jas W. Robertson

Gold as a Therapeutic Agent

By C. J. S. Thompson


Milk and Making

Lincoln Ram

The Sevastopol Goose

Recent Synthetical Experiments in the Sugar Series

Improved Extractor

Production of Hydrochloric Acid from Chloride of Magnesium

Oleite, or Ricinol-Sulphonate of Soda

By W. A. H. Naylor

Improvements in Analytical Processes

Building Plans and Specifications

The Secretion of Carbonate of Lime by Animal Organisms

Useful Engineering Books


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September 13, 1890

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