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Improved Loom for Weaving Horse-Hair

History of the India Rubber Industry

Auriferous Exploitations of the District of Bogoslowsk(Ural)

Radii of Curvature Geometrically Determined

By C. W. MacCord

A Simple Chuck and Micrometer Stop for Amateurs

The New York Telephone Service

By Herbert Laws Webb

Alloy of Aluminum and Tin

Naval Warfare, 1860—1889, and some of its Lessons

By W. Laird Clowses

Annapolis Armor Trial

Meeting of the British Association, 1890

The Beginnings of Mathematics

By W. B. Richards

The Bridge of Prague

Peanuts: Their Growth and Culture

By J. S. Fowler

A New Arrangement for use in Greenhouses

Sulphonal, Paraldehyd and Chloral-Amide

On the Coloring Reagents of the Fundamental Substances of Vegetable Membrane

By M. L. Mangin

Bleaching with Sodium Hydro-Sulphite

By G. Dommergue

Action of the Chlorides of Calcium and Magnesium upon Cotton

The Action of Sulphur Chloride on Oils, Etc

By Thomas T. P. Bruce Warren

Useful Engineering Books

Building Plans and Specifications


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October 18, 1890