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Captive Balloons of the French Navy

Physics at the British Association

William H. Cilley

Economy of Steam Heating of Passenger Cars

A Proposed Railroad Approach to New York City

Electrolytic Production of Pure Iron

Electro-Welded Projectiles

The Electromagnet

By Silvanus P. Thompson

Manufacturing Smoke

By Geo. E. Davis

Lubricating Oils

By A. C. J. Charlier

Artificial Incubation in Egypt

By Cardwell

On Sulphites, their Stability and Preservation

By Joseph C. Belcher

A Method of Detecting Chemical Union of Metals

By G. Gore

Liquid Chlorine

By A. E. Tutton

New School of Medicine of Paris

Constipation: Its Nature and Treatment

By C. L. Dodge

Our Currants

The Quadri-Centenary of America's Discovery

Building Plans and Specifications

Ormonde and Salvator

Useful Engineering Books


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November 29, 1890