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Compressed Air for Power Distribution

An Apparatus for Providing a Steady Platform for Guns, Etc., at Sea

Experimenting with a Captive Balloon

Modern Steam Yachts

By Fred A. Ballin

Propulsion by Wave Power

Wood's Magnet Winder

Electrical Device for Determining Melting Points

The Electromagnet

By Silvanus P. Thompson

Tanning by Electricity

An Electric Headlight

Organ Blowing by Electric Motors

New Milling Yellow Dye

A New Flexible Tube

By Thomas R. Almond

Improved Cement Tester

The Culture and Preparation of Flax

Roman Remains at Silchester, England

Aid to Astronomical Research

Peter Kieffer

Aristolochia Longecaudata, Masters

Antarctic Exploration

By G. S. Griffiths

The Coal Fields of Alabama

By Henry McCalley

On the Occurrence of Megalonyx Jeffersonii (Harlan) in Central Ohio

By Edward Orton

Home Life on an Ostrich Farm

Locomotion in Water Studied by Photography

Hydrazoic Acid—A New Gas

Building Plans and Specifications


Fluorine and Carbon

A Lecture Experiment

By Saville Shaw

On the Action of Light on Cholorine Water

Useful Engineering Books


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