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Dissemination of Plants

Pinus Ponderosa

The Catalpa

The Moon not a Globe

The Outlook for Applied Entomology

The Mechanism of Infection

Views in St. Helena

Action of Light on Phosphorus

The Economical Angle

By Frederic R. Honey

Fabrication of Twelve-Inch Mortars

By A. A. Fuller and F. N. Connet

Ambrose Godfrey's Fire Extinguisher

Is the Air Navigable?

Some Recent Construction of Railway Bridges

By James Ritchie

The Arts of the Blind

The History of the Cotton Spinning Mule and its Inventor

By Aug. Stadler

A New Stand

Electric Welding

Improved Process for the Manufacture of Maple Molasses

The Electromagnet

By Silvanus P. Thompson

Thermometer with Electric Transmission

Manufacture of Aluminum and other Metals

Useful Engineering Books

Building Plans and Specifications

For Diphtheria


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January 17, 1891

Confronting Common Wisdom