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The Tegel Water Works

Ocean Waves

Retort with Continuous Feed and Discharge

By R. Haig

Transmission of Power by Flexible Wire Rope or Cable

By J. E. Emmerson

Friction of Journal Bearings

The U. S. Steamship Charleston

Metal Hulls or Wooden Hulls

The Electromagnet

By Silvanus P. Thompson

Transmitting Pictures Electrically

By W. S. Eaton

New Electrical Boat


By Henry Sutton

Process of Disintegrating Fibrous Plants

By Henry Harrison Doty

Solidifying Points of Different Sorts of Tallow

By Finkener

Separation of Finely Divided Mineral or Metallic Matters

The Wilde and Reychler Chlorine Process

The Changes of Property of Amalgams by Repeated Fusion

By G. Gore

The use of Tannins to Prevent Boiler Crust

By M. Leo Vignon


The Effect of the Products of High Explosives, Dynamite and Nitroglycerine, on the Human System

By Thomas Darlington

Sitting Bull

The Oschansk Meteorite

On the Incubation of Snakes' Eggs

The Outlook for Applied Entomology

Useful Engineering Books

Building Plans and Specifications

Our Twenty “Best” Apples


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January 24, 1891