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Steam Engine Valves

Riding Cut-Off Valves-Peculiarities and Merits of the Different Styles

By Thomas Hawley

The French Ironclad War Ship Colbert

Firing Points of Various Explosives

Station for Testing Agricultural Machines

Test Card Hints

By F. Ogden Stout

Water Softening and Purifying Apparatus

The Trisection of any Angle

By Frederic R. Honey

Charles Goodyear

The Electromagnet

By Silvanus P. Thompson

A New Electric Ballistic Target

Electric Erygmascope

The Outlook for Applied Entomology

Potash Salts

The Expense Margin in Life Insurance

Science in the Theater

Theatrical Water Plays

The Flood at Karlsbad

Newer Physiology and Pathology

By Samuel Bell

The Composition of Koch's Lymph

What Professor Koch says it is and what it can do

Can we Separate Animals from Plants?

By Andrew Wilson

Building Plans and Specifications

The Recovery of Silver and Gold from Plating and Gilding Solutions

Useful Engineering Books


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January 31, 1891