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Hotchkiss Machine Revolving Cannon

Gaseous Illuminants

By Vivan B. Lewes

Condensation of Carbon Particles in Smoke

By Robert Irvine

The Power of Water, or Hydraulics Simplified

By G. D. Hiscox

Origin of the Steam Engine and of the Utilization of Solar Heat

The Miramichi Fire of 1825

The London, Ohio, Water Supply System

Electricity in Transitu; from Plenum to Vacuum

By William Crookes

William Crookes, F.R.S.

Simple Device for Connecting up Batteries

Phenomena of Alternating Currents of Very High Frequency

By Nikola Tesla

Urquharts Battery

Powerful Plunge Battery

The Edison-Lalande Battery

Bisulphate of Mercury Cell

The Giant Ant—Eater

Lalande-Chaperon Cell

Gassner's Dry Battery

Hussey Bluestone Battery

Hydrastis Vs. Phthisis

By A Judsons Palmer


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March 07, 1891