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A Great Dynamo for the Paris Central Lighting Station

Lightning Rod Protection

By N. D. C. Hodges

The Inventions of Thomas Davenport

By Franklin L. Pope

High Speed Electric Railway Work

By O. T. Crosby

The Mannlicher Magazine Rifle

Train Shed of the Grand Central Passenger Station, Chicago

A Steering Screw Propeller

The Rainey Bank Tramway

Service from La Goulette to Tunis by Boat

Boring and Chuck Lathe

Sea Wall to Protect Iron Ore Mining Operations

Heating Cars with the Thermo- Siphon

Dr. Otto and his Invention

A Simple Elliptograph

Spontaneous Combustion

By Robert R. Tatlock

Photography of Jets and Bursting Soap Films

The Amenide Mummies at Thebes

Onion Culture for Pickling

The Italian National Exhibition at Palermo

How to Measure the Invisible

By Henry M. Parkhurst

Otto of Roses

Electric Bleaching

The Rejuvenescence of Crystals

Bleaching by Permanganate of Potash

Building Plans and Specifications

Tin from Tinplate Scrap

By Herr B. Schultze

Useful Engineering Books


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April 18, 1891