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How Floral Perfumes are made in France

A Century of Patent Laws

By S. Blatchford

The Tendency of Trades Unions

By Herbert Spencer

The First Ocean Steamer

By F. L. Hagadorn

The Gigantic Locomotive on the St. Gothard Road

The Yorktown, Concord and Bennington, Three New Gunboats

Coal Tar or Aniline Dyes

Ellipses and Equivalent Ovals of Equal Areas

By Frederic R. Honey

The use of Cloisonne for Decoration in Ancient and Modern Times

By Clement Heaton

Inductive Disturbances in Telephone Circuits

By J. J. Carty

The Effect of Invention upon the Progress of Electrical Science

By C. F. Brackett

The Royal Meteorological Society's Exhibition

Restoration of Triceratops and Brontosaurus

By O. C. Marsh

The Photography of Self -Luminous Subjects, Including Pyrotechnical Photography

By W. Goold Levison

An Easy Method of Finding the Units of Heat of Combustion of Gaseous Mixtures

By Edward C. Jones


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    Patents- May 9, 1891

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