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Mahler's Portrait of Beethoven

Porous Earthenwares

By Charles Carroll Gilman


By Graham Spencer

Harness Blackings, Polishes, and Waterproof Compositions

Boiler Deposits

By Vivian B. Lewes

Harbors, Natural and Artificial

By F. H. Cheesewright

Statue-Surmounted Tower with Oscillating Beam, Proposed for the Columbian Exposition of 1893

By Oberlin Smith

The North German Lloyd Steamer Spree

Rolling Mill Engines

An Electrostatic Commutator

By Rollo Appleyard

Henry's Electric Motor Constructed in 1831

By J. Elfreth Watkins

On the Corrosion of Iron

By Robert Irvine

The Intensification of Negatives

Insignia of Officers' Rank in the Navy

Automatic Photography

Platinized Glass

Introduction on the General Characters of Mosses

By Leo Lesquereux

Egyptian Mummy of a House Dog

Notes on the Later Life History of the Flowering Dogwood (Cornus Florida, L.)

By M. Alston Read

Cupressus Nabiana


The Telephone Industry

Useful Engineering Books

Soap for Wool Washing

Building Plans and Specifications


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