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The French Steamer Bourgogne

A Swiss Technologist's Impressions of America

The French War Ship Le Tage

Royal Naval Exhibition

The Transandine Railway

A Miniature Naval Battle

On the Durability of Pictures Painted with Oils and Varnishes

By A. P. Laurie

The Inventors of the Telegraph and Telephone

By Thomas Gray


Nicephore Niepce's House

Instantaneous Photography

Summary of Useful Tests with the Blowpipe

By A. J. Moses

Galvanized Iron Pipes for Artesian Wells and for the Conveyance of Drinking Water

By R. Haines

The Guerezas in the Berlin Zoological Garden

New Method for the Discovery of Faint Spectral Bands

Application to the Spectrum of the Hydrocarbons

By H. Deslandres

The Grampus in the Zoological Garden at Leipzig

On Peroxide of Hydrogen, or Ozone Water, as a Remedy

Continued from a Research Commenced in the Year 1858

By B. W. Richardson


By D. W. Houston

Useful Engineering Books

Building Plans and Specifications


Cochineal Carmine


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June 20, 1891

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