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Transit in London, Rapid and Otherwise

By James A. Tilden

Mine Timbering

Riveted Joints in Boiler Shells

By William Barnet Le Van

The New British Battle Ship Empress of India

The “Iron Gates” of the Danube

The Kioto-Fu Canal, in Japan

The New German Ship Canal

Fast and Fugitive Dyes

By J. J. Hummel

Composition of Wheat Grain and its Products in the Mill

Precious and Ornamental Stones and Diamond Cutting

By George Frederick Kunz

Some Experiments on the Electric Discharge in Vacuum Tubes

By J. J. Thomson

Laying a Military Field Telegraph Line

The Electrical Manufacture of Phosphorus

An Electrostatic Safety Device

Experiments with High Tension Alternating Currents

The Relation of Bacteria to Practical Surgery

By John B. Roberts

Influence of Repose on the Retina

Sun Dials

The Undying Germ Plasm and the Immortal Soul

By R. Von Lendenfeld

The Mississippi River

By Jacques W. Redway

Cocos Pynaerti

Freezing Mixtures

The Application of Electrolysis to Qualitative Analysis

By Charles A. Kohn

Building Plans and Specifications

Useful Engineering Books



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