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Distortion of Outline

Improved Locomotive Crane

Improved Refrigerating Apparatus

By R. A. Messervey

Uniformity in Dyeing

Electricity in the Production of Aluminum

By M. G. Farmer

Improved Helix-Forming Machine

A New Electric Lamp for Lantern Projection

Wilhelm Eduard Weber


Speed of Chemical Reactions in Jelly

The Adaptation of Stoneware to Chemical Apparatus

By W. P. Rix

A Scheme to Establish a Comparative Standard for Alkaloidal Galenicals

By J. U. Lloyd

A Novel Method for the Production of Sodium and Potassium Nitrite

By H. N. Warren

Malt Vinegar

Electricity in the Purification of Water

By M Labrowski

Compressibility of Hot Water and its Solvent Action on Glass

By C. Barus

Cadmium Yellow

The Aeration of Water

The Migration of Weeds

By Byron D. Halsted

Killing Insect Pests with Hydrocyanic Acid

Experiment on the Compression of Gases

Tiger Netting

The Himalayas

Novelties in Street Advertising

A Clock for Pointing out the Direction of the Earth's Orbital Motion in the Ether

Suggestions as to the Origin and Deposition of Florida Phosphates

By Walter B. M. Davidson

Coal Product of Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan

The Platinum Industry of the Ural

Our Limestone Industry

By William C. Day

Action of Fluorine upon Phosphorus

Building Plans and Specifications

Identification of More Ancient Cities of the Pharaohs

Useful Engineering Books


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July 25, 1891

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