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A Compressed Air Duster

Sir Henry Bessemer

History of Boating on the Mississippi River

Proposed Railway through British Central Africa

By W. Wiseman

Experimental Researches on Mechanical Flight

A Novel East Indian Well

Persian Carpet Weaving

Bucking Keir for Cotton Fabrics

Improved Brick Press

The Spontaneous Ignition of Carbon Bisulphide

By Max Popel

The Mariner's Compass


The Columbian World's Fair

The World's Fair, Chicago, 1893

Some Applications of Photography

An Indian Toddy Palm&ndashPhœnix Sylvestris

Celmisia Spectabilis


By Thomas Meehan

The Apadana of Artaxerxes Mnemon

Astronomical Observatories and what is Done There

By F. W. Levander

Building Plans and Specifications


Useful Engineering Books


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August 29, 1891

The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism