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Armor Plating on Battleships: France and Great Britain

The Redoutable

Demolition of Rocks under Water without Explosives—Lobnitz System

By Edwin S. Crawley

Electrical Standards

Improved Changeable Speed Gearing

Progress in Engineering

The Two or Three Phase Alternating Current Systems

By Carl Hering

The London Paris Telephone

By W. H. Preece

The Manufacture of Phosphorus by Electricity

New Bleaching Apparatus

The use of Compressed Air in Conjunction with Medicinal Solutions in the Treatment of Nervous and Mental Affections

Being a New System of Cerebro-Spinal the Rapeutics

By J. Leonard Corning

Eyesight: Its Care during Infancy and Youth

By L. Webster Fox

The Water Molecule

By A. Ganswindt

Standards and Methods for the Polarimetric Estimation of Sugars

The Formation of Starch in Leaves


By Ruth Ward Kahn

The Grand Falls of Labrador

The Study of Mankind

A Gem-Bearing Granite Vein in Western Connecticut

By L. P. Gratacap

Building Plans and Specifications


Useful Engineering Books


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