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Combined Dynamo and Engine

Development of Electric Railways

By Eugene Griffin

Improved Process of Casting Steel Car Wheels

The Los Angeles Cable Railway

Moving Coal by Blowing

On Nickel Carbon Oxide and its Application in Arts and Manufactures

By Ludwig Mond

Theory and Practice in Metallurgy

By W. C. Roberts-Austen

The Smoke Annihilator

Improved Blowpipe

Worms in Lead Pipes

The Distillation of Molasses

By T. P. Hutchinson

Synthesis of Ammonia

Soda Wood Pulp

Recovering Tin from Waste Tin-Plate

Hermann Von Helmholtz

By Hugo Kronecker

A New Retort Stand

The Separation of Rosin from Fatty Acids

By E. Twitchell

Process of making Caustic Alkali

By Francis Ellershausen

The use of Compressed Air in Conjunction with Medicinal Solutions in the Treatment of Nervous and Mental Affections

Being a New System of Cerebro-spinal Therapeutics

By J. Leonard Corning

Lotions for Baldness

Rice, its History

By H. B. Proctor

Sweet Peas

Building Plans and Specifications


Greek Sculptures


Useful Engineering Books


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    October 10, 1891