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Rain Makers in India

Rain Makers in the United States

Artificial Rain Making

By Edwin J. Houston

The Weather Debating Society

The Cloud Compellers and the Press

The System of Military Dove Cotes in Europe

Rope Bridges and their Military Applications

Cranks Set on an Angle

Six-Inch Five-Ton Hydro-Pneumatic Disappearing Gun

The Distillation of Molasses

By Charles Debremond

Improved Wire Mat and Indoor Wire Rugs, Stair Carpets, Etc.

The uses of Chromium Fluoride

By M. Th. Stricker

Process of making Chrome Yellow

A New Keyed Musical Instrument for Just Intonation

An Automatic Teapot

Theory and Practice in Metallurgy

Advances in Metallurgic Practice

By W. C. Roberts-Austen

On the Origin, Propagation, and Prevention of Phthisis

By John Tyndall

Breeding and Rearing of Puppies

Rice Cleaning in China

The Chinese Custom House

Building Plans and Specifications

Glacial Phosphoric Acid

By John Hodgkin

Useful Engineering Books


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October 17, 1891