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The Recent Battles in Chile

The Sun's Motion in Space

By A. M. Clerke

Animal Origin of Petroleum and Paraffin

The Origin of Petroleum

By O. C. D. Ross

The Colorado Desert Lake

The Eremuri

Raphides, the Cause of the Acridity of Certain Plants

By R. A. Weber

Hemlock and Parsley

By W. W. Bailey

The Whale-Headed Stork

The California Raisin Industry

Cold and Mortality

By B. W. Richardson

The Treatment of Glaucoma

Improvements in the Construction of River and Canal Barges

By M. Ritter (knight) Von Szabel

A Twin Screw Launch Run by a Compound Engine

Weldon's Range Finder

Wheels Linked with a Bell Crank

The Decorative Treatment of Natural Foliage

By Hugh Stannus

The Cyclostat

Mercury Weighing Machine

The Independent—Storage or Primary Battery—System of Electric Motive Power

By Knight Neftel

Reefing Sails from the Deck

A New Process for the Bleaching of Jute

By Leykam and Tosefothal

On the Elimination of Sulphur from Pig Iron

By J. Massenez

On the Occurrence of Tin in Canned Food

By H. A. Weber

Useful Engineering Books

A Violet Coloring Matter from Morphine

Building Plans and Specifications

Liquid Blue for Dyeing

New Process for the Manufacture of Chromates

By J. Massignon and E. vatel



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    November 21, 1891