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The Great Bell of the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Montmartre

New Sugar Items

American Workshops

Modern Methods of Quarrying

The Trotter Curve Ranger

The Rail Spike and the Locomotive

The British Cruiser Æolus

Trials of H. M. Cruiser Blake

Hints to Shipmasters

Alfred Tennyson

Development with Sucrate of Lime

Fiftieth Year of the Prince of Wales

A Plea for the Common Telescope

By G. E. Lumsden

Duck Hunting in Scotland

Archæological Discoveries at Cadiz

Prehistoric Horse in America

Further Researches upon the Element Fluorine

By A. E. Tutton

American Association—Ninth Annual Report of the Committee on Indexing Chemical Literature

Apparatus for the Estimation of Fat in Milk

By E. Molinari

The French Wine Law


The Allotropic Conditions of Silver

Useful Engineering Books


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