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Riparia Bridge, Snake River

Compressed Air Mine Locomotives

Machine Riveting Shipbuilding

Boiler Flue Flange Drilling Machine

Gauges and Limits for the Standard M. C. B. Automatic Coupler

New Edison Projector

Sending Photographs by Wire

The Mechanical Action of Alternating Currents

Portland Cement and Portland Cement Concrete

The Relative Hardness of Various Kinds of Electro Plating

Manufacture of Stone Ware

By Edward Orton


The Height of Mount St. Elias

By Mark B. Kerr

Production of Olive Oil

Brunton's Quartering Shovel

A New Galvanizing Process

The Decorative Treatment of Natural Foliage

By Hugh Stannus

Silk Dresses and Eight Hours' Work

By J. B. Mann

An Astronomer's Work in a Modern Observatory

By David Gill

The Upper Atmosphere

By A. C. Ranyard


Useful Engineering Books

Analysis of Beeswax

By C. Mangold

Citric Acid in Milk

By A. Scheibe

Citric Acid in Wine

By A. Klinger and A. Bujard



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    December 19, 1891