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H. M. S. Nelson

Recent Progress in the Science of Magnetism

By B. S. Giles

Electric Cigar Lighter

Rivet Inserting Machine

Penny-In-The slot Electric Light

The Decorative Treatment of Natural Foliage

By Hugh Stannus

The Mount Blanc Observatory

The Victoria Cataracts

Fossil Birds in the British Museum

The Purification of Water

By Albert R. Leeds

The Strongest Man on Earth

To Cut a Five-Pointed Star from Paper with a Single Clip of the Scissors

Removal of Superfluous Hair by Electricity

By Plym S. Hayes

Rapid Determination of Carbon Dioxide in Furnace Gases

Improvement in the Manufacture of Sodium and Potassium

By H. Y. Castner

On the Nature of Solution

By J. Alfred Wanklyn, W. Johnstone and W. J. Cooper

Generation of Chlorine

By G. Grunewald

Detection of the Contamination of Water with Sewage

By Peter Griess

Lead in Canned Goods

By J. Pinette


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