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The Electric Light Works of Boulevard Richard Lenoir, Paris

Improved Method of Testing Insulated Wires

The Little Georgia Magnet

An Expose of the Electric Girl

By Nelson W. Perry

Safety Apparatus for Drying Explosives in Vacuum

Design for a Five Rater

Chicago Elevated Railroad

Bicycle Racing Arrangement

The Man of Science-His Methods and his Work


By R. H. Thurston

Some Recent Advances in Solar Spectroscopy

By C. A. Young

What Constitutes a Filth Disease

By S. W. Abbott

The Knee Feminine

A Home made Incubator

Antiquarian Discoveries near Alexandria



By J. G. McPherson

Kite Flying—Theory and Practice

The Texas Dynamite Kites and Application of Kites to Aerial Photography.—Kite Flying Without Tail Or String.—Self-Flying Kites

On the Estimation of Sulphur

By George Craig

Prof. Pictet's Laboratory at Berlin

Apparatus for the Constant Generation of Gases

By R. Ulbright and O. Foerster

Useful Engineering Books


The Pierce Process for the Production of Charcoal, Wood Alcohol and Acetic Acid

By W. L. Dudley


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