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Cheap Traction on Tramways

Engineering as a Science and as a Profession

By John M. Orr

Starting Power of Large and small Wheel Locomotives

The Cushioned Car Wheel

An Estimate of the Net Cost of Working with Power Produced on the Premises by Small

Canadian Project for Utilizing Niagara Falls

The First Steamer to Australia

The Knox System of Quarrying

By Wm. L. Saunders

A New Process for Protecting Iron and Steel

A Simple Clepsydra

The Parise Pianograph

Monument to Pierre Fontaine at Anzin

Electricity in the Pressroom

Paints-Their Composition and Purity

Long Distance Telephony

By G. L. D.

The Dynamos at Frankfort Exhibition

By W. B. Esson

The Present Status of Aluminum

By R. L. Packard

The Recent Earthquake in Japan

A Remarkable Crystalline Form of Gypsum

How to Harness and Unharness a Horse

The History of Astronomy

By G. F. Chambers

Winter Flowering Carnations

Extraordinary Luminous Phenomenon Observed on the Sun

Azoimide, N3H—The New Sodium Salt—The Most Highly Explosive Substance Known

Useful Engineering Books



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