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Canet Quick-Fire Guns

Ancient Illustrated MSS. Concerning the History of Artillery and the Mechanic Arts

Armor Tests and Development

The Armor Trials

The Atlantic Liner—Past, Present, and Future

Plymouth Promenade Pier and Pavilion

The Birch Rope Bridge at Sherkila, Cashmere

Cylinder Oils

The Equine Bicycle

Soft Water in the Manufacture of Woolen Goods

Electric Power Distribution

By H. C. Spaulding

Rubber Substitute

Obtaining Metals by Electrolysis

How we treat the Chinese

By W. F. Gray

The Invisible Journey of a Glass of Wine

Imitation Ice

Cailletet's Cryogen

Constituents of Meteoric Iron

Isolation in Influenza

By J. R. Leeson

On the Mass and Brightness of Binary Stars

By J. E. Gore

The Treatment of Phylloxera with Carbon Bisulphide and Vaseline

Pantelleria, and its Thermal Springs

By G. Gervis

Useful Engineering Books

Chronic Bronchitis

Irrigation in Arizona

By Herbert H. Logan



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    January 16, 1892

    Confronting Common Wisdom