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Diamond-Bearing Meteorites

The Catacombs of Rome

Practical Tests of Compound Locomotives

By C. H. Hudson

Sections and Mechanical Conditions of Car Wheels

By P. H. Griffin

Combined Steam Tug and Suction Dredger

New High Speed Gunboat

Holzapfel's Flanged Plate System of Shipbuilding

A Domestic Petroleum Motor

The Manufacture of Glass Pots

Naval Transformations

Manganese Oxalate as a Drier

Solar Printing

Pictorial Telegraphy

New Method of Purifying Gutta Percha

By Alexander Grammont

Purification of Waste Water by Electricity

Secondary Batteries


By G. H. Robertson

An Italian Court Scene

The Diminution of Drunkenness in Norway

Mining Ventures in Spanish America

By Louis Janin

Anatomy and Art


The Disposal of Town Refuse and of Garbage

By Wolcott C. Foster

Recent Progress in Industrial Chemistry


The Tin Plate in Surgery

Detection of Adulterations of Basic Slags

By Morgan


Steam Heat on Permanent Magnets

Useful Engineering Books


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    January 23, 1892

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