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Japanese Coastguard Ships

The Screw Ferry Boat Cincinnati

The Trans-Siberian Railway

A New use for Portland Cement as a Structural Material

Compression of Steel Castings

Vail's Boiler Tube Expanding Machine

Improved Raising Machine

Waterproofing Pulp

Instantaneous Mechanical Calculator

Fast and Fugitive Dyes

By J. J. Hummel

The Application of the Alpha-Sulphonic Acid of Naphthalene* to the Bating and Puring of Hides and Skins

By Peter S. Burns and Charles S. Hull

Star Anise and its Oil

New Process for Bleaching Jute

Reflectors for Street Lights

The Refining of Petroleum and Lubricating Oils

Report on Solid Emery Wheels

Color in Photography

Manufacture of Powders and Nitrated Explosives

Influence of Temperature on the Color of Pigments

By Edward L. Nichols and Benj. W. Snow

The Origin of Death

By Edward G. Gardiner

Photography in Colors

Fertilizers for Tomatoes

The Great Salt Desert of Persia

A New Electric Tricycle

Rate of Propagation of Induced Magnetism in Iron

Electric Decomposition of Chrome Ore

By E. F. Smith

Early History of the Porte Electric System

How to Invent the Successful Competing Telephone

By Edward P. Thompson

The Electric Stair Climber

New York as it may be in the Year 2000

The Precipitation of Copper by Iron

By J. Essner

Analysis of Fermented Liquors

The Fixation of Free Nitrogen

On a New Method of Purifying Chloroform

By Rene Du Bois Reymond

Bleaching by means of Hypochlorite of Aluminum

By M. Weiss


Terpene from Compressed Gas Oils

Useful Engineering Books


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    January 30, 1892

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