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The United States Life Saving Service

By Horace L. Piper

Harfield's Compensating Steering Gear

Car Heating by the Acetate of Soda Method

The New Railway Bridge, Soria, Spain

Pullman's Palace Car Co. Standard Sleeping Car

“Preservaline,” A New Preservative for Meat

By Bruno Terne

Manufacture of Artificial Rubber and Leather

By A. J. Linger

Bleaching of Cotton by means of Oxygenated Water

By M. Prud*amp*apos;homme

Preservation of Wood

Action of Light on Colors

By T. Frusher

Cloisonne and Cloisonne Makers in Japan

Fast Black—A Preparation of Logwood

By H. Gutknecht


By T. A. Ellwood

Larranaga's Photo-Phonograph

By Julius Maier

The Benardos-Howard Electric Welding Process

Alternating Electric Systems and their Physical Hazards

By George P. Low

Sir George Airy

Two Meteoric Finds

Artificial Fertilization

Philadelphuses or Mock Oranges

The Sources of our Rubber Supplies

By I. A. Sherman

Religion of Savages

Lake Te-Anau, New Zealand


By S. L. Clayes

Mexican Onyx Mines

Process of and Apparatus for Preparing Aluminum Sulphide

The Separation of Resin from Fatty Acids

By J. Arthur Wilson


Artificial Periclase

By R. Otto and J. H. Kloos

Useful Engineering Books


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