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New Observations, on the Language of Animals

By M. De Lacaze Duthiers

The Living Jerboa in the Zoological Garden of Berlin

Modification of our Climate

By Joseph Wallace

Pentapterygium Serpens

The Eruption of Krakatoa

Electricity in Horticulture

The Perforation of Flowers

Electricity in Agriculture

By Clarence D. Warner

Chinese Competitive Examinations

The Treatment of Rattlesnake Bite by Permanganate of Potassium, Based on Nine Successful Cases

By Amos W. Barber

Chlorine Gas and Soda by the Electrolytic Process

High Speed Engine and Dynamo

A Steam Street Railway Motor

Twenty-Four Knot Steamers

Completion of the Mersey Tunnel Railway

The Military Engineer and his Work

By W. R. King

How Enameled Letters are Made

How Mechanical Rubber Goods are Made

Burning Brick with Crude Oil Fuel

Action of Caustic Soda on Wood

By M. H. Tauss

New Boron Compounds

Investigation of a Mound near Jefferson City, Mo

By A. S. Logan

A New Laboratory Process for Preparing Hydrobromic Acid

By G. S. Newth

Some means of Purifying Water

Sapotin: A New Glucoside

By Gustave Michaud

Natural Sulphide of Gold

By T. W. T. Atherton

Boron Salts

Detection of Peanut Oil in Olive Oil


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    February 13, 1892

    Confronting Common Wisdom