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The Sims-Edison Torpedo

Electrolytic Method of Preparing Metallic Alloys, Etc

By H. N. Warren

How to make an Edison Dynamo and Motor

How Candy is Made

A Gasholder Disaster

New Brewing Appliances

Linseed Oil and other Oils used in Art Painting

By A. H. Church

Sizing of Paper by Means of Albuminate of Ammonia

Colo Photometry

A Group of Critics

A Skunk Farm

Gold Quartz Reduction

Sport on the “Ski” in Norway

Costa Rica's Coffee Culture

Motions of the Heavenly Bodies

The Relative Brightness of the Planets

By J. E. Gore

Velocity of Sound in Membraneous Bodies

By F. Melde

Benjamin Thompson, Afterward Count Rumford

Professor John C. Adams

Diet and Exercise in the Treatment of Simple Chronic Inflammation

By J. C. Mulhall*amp*dagger;

Mr. Spurgeon

Behavior of Wood and Cellulose at a High Temperature in the Presence of a Lixivium of Soda

On the Action of Certain Liquids on Aluminum

By George Lunge

A New Process for the Recovery of Ammonia During Galvanizing

Remedy for Bumping


Useful Engineering Books


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