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The Conduit for the Water of the Avre

Chinese Railroads

The Bursting Pressure of Cylindrical Boilers

Distance Run in Emergency Stops at Various Speeds

A Shoal Water Signal

The New Greek Turret Ship Spetzia

Novel Friction Gearing

Improved Spring Forging Machine

Celluloid Films

By J. Desire

The National Milling Company's New Plant at Toledo, Ohio

An Electro-Plating Plant

Electricity in a Modern Residence

By H. Ward Leonard

Improved Electric Heat Alarm

The Electric Process for Manufacturing Chlorine and Caustic Soda

Note on the Conductivity of Peroxide of Lead

By John Shields

Nikola Tesla

Open-Hearth Steel Castings

By J. A. Herrick

Oyster Culture at Arcachon, France

Artificial Oyster Culture in France

Deep Sea Dredging

What is an Ant?

By E. A. Butler

Optical Projection of Opaque Objects

By Geo. M. Hopkins

The Sanitary Institutions of Paris

Gum Arabic and Gum Senegal

The Preparation of Quinine

Some Experiments on Petroleum Solidification

By Samuel Rideal

A Mydriatic Alkaloid in Lettuce

By T. S. Dymond

Apparatus for Measuring Liquids Quickly

By Alex. F. Reid


Proscenium Curtains

Useful Engineering Books


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    March 26, 1892