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The Cruiser Troude

Life Saving Devices

Resins, Waxes, and Solid Paraffins

By A. H. Church

Different Methods of Tinning

The Cheap Production of Hydrogen Gas

A Singular Clock

Glazing or Lustering Bodies


The Temescal Tin Mines

By Enoch Knight


Removal of Gold by Fungoid Growths

Constantinople Art Treasures

By Albert L. Long

A New Telescopic Photographic Lens

Generating Stations and their Physical Hazards

By Geo. P. Low

The Hopfner Electrolytic Direct Process of Copper and Silver Reduction


An Interesting Electrolytic Phenomenon

Italian Experience with the Pasteur Method for Hydrophobia

The Father of Modern Physics

The Management and Care of Patients with Hemiplegia Resulting from Cerebral Hemorrhage

By William M. Leszynsky


Valuation of Aluminum and its Alloys

By Herr F. Regelsberger

A Rapid Method of Determining the Composition of Lubricating Oils

By Harold Gripper

Fat Extraction Apparatus

By Alfred Smetham



Useful Engineering Books

Pedetic Motion in Relation to Colloidal Solutions

By William Ramsay

Iron Rust


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