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Fast Firing with Machine Guns

The French Armorclad Neptune

Life Saving Devices

Laval's Steam Turbine

A Short History of Bridge Building

By C. R. Manners

A Cold Galvanizing Process

Improved Hydraulic Die Press

Aluminum: Its Manufacture and uses from an Engineering Standpoint

By Alfred E. Hunt

Technical Education

By Galbraith

Apparatus for the Industrial Determination of the Calorific Power of Fuels

Continuous Distillation Apparatus for Wine

Decker's Siphon Module

By H. C. Hovey

Apparatus for Removing Vegetable Matter from Wool

Dynamic Induction at High Potentials and Frequencies

By Elihu Thomson

Electrical Stock Quotations

Medicated Skin Varnishes

Troubles from the Teeth

Composite Photographs upon a Black Background

The Festival of the Wheelmen Societies of Saxony at Leipsic

Sea Otters

The Queen's Bull “New Year's Gift”

Volatile Compounds Containing Nickel and Iron

By C. F. Townsend

Useful Engineering Books

An Examination of some Official Preparations

By Henry Trimble



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