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The Grottoes of Meschers

Florida Phosphates; The Origin of the Bowlder Phosphates of the Withlacoochee River District

By N. A. Pratt

The Horsetailed Squirrel in the Dresden Zoological Garden

The Puma, or American Lion

The Earl of Rosse's Great Reflecting Telescopes at Birr Castle

By Otto Baeddicker

Principles of Potato Culture

The Temporary Star in Auriga

By G. Rayet

The Air a Nitrogenous Fertilizer for Legumes

By A. L. Winton

Camphire and Camphor

By J. Ch. Sawer

The Honey Strawberry

Life Saving Devices

The Ocean

Results Of Deep Sea Research

The Squaring of the Circle

An Historical Sketch of the Problem from the Earliest Times to the Present Day

By Hermann Schubert

Experiments in Capillarity

Are our Dwellings Fit to Live In?

By Sigismund Beer

Trocar and Dilating Canula for Abscess Drainage

By J. Julio Henna

The Physical Insensibility of Women

By Eugene Murray Aaron

A Lump of Salt and a Glass of Water

By Robert B. Warder

Composition of Starch


Useful Engineering Books

Albumen in Urine


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    April 30, 1892

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