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Photographic Notes

Improved Stern Wheeler

Our New Practice Cruiser, the George Bancroft

Improved Railway Rail

By R. Mannesmann

A Short History of Bridge Building

By C. R. Manners

Rope Bridges in Cashmere

The Pecos River Bridge

Proposed Railway Tower for the Columbian Exposition

The Squaring of the Circle

An Historical Sketch of the Problem from the Earliest Times to the Present Day

By Hermann Sghubert

A Hatful of Wadding in a Glass of Alcohol

A Proposed Rain-Making Rocket

Electric Smoothing Iron

First Visible Color of Incandescent Iron

The Connection between Sun Spots and Magnetic Storms

Sophie Kowalevski

By Charlotte C. Barnum

Variable Latitude

Professor Kopp

Oscar Wilde

Peru: Its Commerce and Resources

By F. A. Pezet

Spraying for the Prevention of Plant Diseases

By Joseph F. James

What to Plant on the Home Grounds

By J. L. Budd

The Double Cyanide of Zinc and Mercury


Useful Engineering Books

Synthesis of Tartaric Acid


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