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The Cerveyrette Bridge at Briancon

Horizontal and Vertical Planing Machine

The Floating of the Steamer Eider

An Accident in an Engine Room

The Automatic Still in Rum and Alcohol Manufacture

By George Stade

The Camera as an Adjunct to the Factory

By F. A. Hetherington

Manufacture of Powders and Nitrated Explosives

The Torpedo Detector

Nikola Tesla and his Business

The Evolution of Commerce

Annual Address by the President

By Gardiner G. Hubbard

The English University Boat Race

The Oxford and Cambridge Sports

A Rat Trainer

A Steamer Carried Inland on a Wave

Fresh Water Sharks—The Great Lake Escoidæ

By G. Archie Stockwell

The Captive Cork

The Largest Cattle Ranch in the United States

By Richard Harding Davis

Grafting on Grape Vines

Diseases of Fruit

Osmosis, and its Relation to Plant Life

By H. Garnett

Northern Senega

By L. E. Sayre

A New Instrument for Quickly Determining Refractive Errors of the Eye

By Elmer Starr

Manufacture of Oxygen from Air


The Formation of Dextrine

By M. R. Petit

The Mongolian Eye

Analysis of Snow

Anhydrous Sulphates


Useful Engineering Books

Gases under Pressure


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