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Piat's Portable Oscillating Furnaces

Progress of the Starch Industry

The uses and Applications of Aluminum

By G. L. Addenbrooke

On the Utilization of the Waste Forces of Nature

By W. H. Preece

Engines of the United States Cruiser New York

Lenses for Lanterns

The Compass: Historical, Theoretical, Practical

By D. Wilson-Barker

Speaking Photographs

Photography of Colors

The Shepherd's Star

Keltic Designs

By A. Savil

Dr. D. Hayes Agnew

When shall we have another Glacial Epoch?

By Garrett P. Serviss

The Chemical Researches of Jean Servais Stas

By Vaughan Cornish

The Determination of Fluorine

By Ad. Carnot

Bottled Gases

Phosphates of Potash and Ammonium as Fertilizers

By T. Meyer

Determination of Ferric Oxide and Alumina in Phosphates

By R. Jones


Useful Engineering Books

Photo-Chemical Notices

By P. Askenasy and Victor Meyer


  • Recent Researches in Criminology

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June 18, 1892

Music's Mysterious Power

Music's Mysterious Power

Emotional. Cognitive. Therapeutic.