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Cast Iron Howitzer

Ocean Waves

By William Allingham

The Utilization of the Power of Ocean Waves

Transfer Cable for Railroad Cars

Composite Heliochromy

By F. E. Ives

Life-Saving Devices

A Pocket Changing Bag

Wave Propagation of Magnetism

By John Trowbridge

Photographing Flowers

Nievsky's Ferrotype Dry Plate Camera

The Theatrophone

Purification of Water by Freezing

By Wm. P. Mason.

The Rapid Testing of Agricultural Phosphates

The Dissolving Coin

Phosphorous Oxide

By A. E. Tutton

A New Acid

Peculiar Perforation of Zinc Rods

By Charles E. Munroe

The Roche Dairy

Practical Forestry

By John D. Lyman


The Wends

Shooting Stars

On Peroxide of Hydrogen: A Physical Medical Research

By Benjamin Ward Richardson


Useful Engineering Books


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    July 02, 1892

    The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism