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Fourth Century of the Discovery of America

The Application of Metals to Architectural Design

The Cuneiform Inscriptions of Western Asia

By Joseph Wallace

Righting of the Three-Masted Collier La Federation

The Dangers of Petroleum Cargoes

A New Speed Indicator

Bradley Draw-Cut Lumber-Cutting Machine

Apparatus for the Compression of Air for the Parisian Compressed Air Company


Growth of the Thomson-Houston Electric Company

The Patin Alternator

Clarification of Sugar Cane Juices

By E. W. Deeming

The Yield of Soft Soaps

Wire Netting Machine

The Extermination of the Bison

By W. B. Tegetmeier

The Victoria Nyanza

The Origin of Coal and Petroleum

By A. E. Forstall

Examination Questions in Chemistry and Physics


The Preparation of Good Eau-De-Cologne

Useful Engineering Books


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    July 16, 1892