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Oil Engine and Launch

The Pneumatic Motor for Surface Roads

By Herman Haupt

A Short History of Bridge Building

By C. R. Manners

Mirror for Laying out Straight Lines

Blue Brass

Lamp Black and Bone Black

By Henry J. Williams

Decorticating Ramie

A Fatal Thunderbolt at Bourges, France


By Thomas A. Edison

The Cyanide Process for Working Gold and Silver ores without Amalgamation

The Macarthur Metallurgical Filter

A London Ivory Sale

Rat Catching

Long-Tailed Japanese Fowls

On the Uncertainty of Conclusions

By T. C. Mendenhall

The Fourth Centenary of Columbus

Improved Mean Time Sun Dial

Mental Evolution in Man and the Lower Animals

By Alice Bodington

Rose-Covered Porches

A New Gaseous Incandescent Lamp

By H. N. Warren

Action of Nitric Oxide upon the Metals and Metallic Oxides

By Paul Sabatier and J. B. Senderens


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    August 06, 1892

    Confronting Common Wisdom