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The School for Captains of the Mercantile Marine at Marseilles

Some Causes of Marine Casualties

Apparatus for Registering the Practical Work of Agricultural Machines

Steam Cross-Cut Saw

Improved Refrigerating Machinery

The Intensity of the Radiation of Gas under the Influence of Electrical Discharge

The Photographing of Colors

By M. G. Lippman

A Balloon Railway

Improved Storage Battery

On Peroxide of Hydrogen: A Physical-Medical Research

By Benjamin Ward Richardson

On Posture and its Indications

By T. Lauder-Brunton

On Color Harmony

By E. H. Kelly

Improvements in Micrography

By Henry G. Piffard

Man's upward Struggle

A Resume of the Anatomical Proofs of Our Former Quadrupedal Character

By Eugene Murray Aaron

Alterations of Personality

Les Alterations de la Personnalite. Par Alfred Binet, Bibliotheque Scientifique Internationale. (Paris Ancienne Librairie Germer Baillire et Cie., 1892.)

The Horse World of London

By W. J. Gordon

An Obstacle to Scientific Progress

By G. Gore

Spontaneous Conversion of Isoprene into Caoutchouc

By William A. Tilden


The Constituents of Eucalyptus Oils

By H. Helbing and F. W. Passmore

The Copper Mines of Spain

Testing Beeswax for Adulterants

By C. Sherrad

Determination of the Solubility of Salts

By R. Rudorff

Useful Engineering Books


Anhydrous Crystalline Nickel and Cobalt Fluorides

By C. Poulenc


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