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An Astronomical Season

Double and Multiple Stars

By Wm. H. Knight

Direction and Velocity of Winds

Plants Capable of Yielding Tanning Materials

By F. E. Mafat

A Chinese Peach

Antarctic Exploration

By Eugene Murray Aaron

The Broom and its Allies


By C. Jacobus

Recent Discoveries of Manganese Ore

Carriage with Elastic Traction and Suspension

Duplex Horizontal Boring Machine

What is the Best Preparation to use on a Painted Wall that is to be Papered?

The Mining Industries of Huelva

Dimension Stone Quarrying—The Blasting Process

The Electrolytic Manufacture of White Lead

The Centrifugal Emulsor

By Martin Ekenberg

Easy Lessons for Students

Electric Bells

Penny in the Slot Railway Lamps

Some Simple Scientific Experiments

Apparatus for Boiling Eggs

Odors and the Sense of Smell

By M. Charles Henry

Humane Treatment of Domestic Animals

Early Rising not Always a Virtue

Analyses of White Sands

A New Laboratory Still

The Concentration of Oil of Vitriol


Apparatus for Washing Precipitates

By Matthew Forbes


The Solubility of the Phosphoric Acid of Bone Meal

By H. Otto

Useful Engineering Books


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    October 08, 1892