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Christopher Columbus

Hubert Howe Bancroft

Burns Memorial Statue, Ayr

The Progress made in Teaching Deaf Children to Read Lips and Talk, in the United States and Canada

By Alexander Graham Bell


The Accident at Beziers

A Floral Clock

The Daisy Pea


By P. Chalmers Mitchell

How to Purify Drinking Water

By Peter T. Austen

Compressed Food

Subcutaneous Injections of Testicular Fluid

The Opposition of Mars

Luminosity of Hydrocarbon Flames

By Vivian B. Lewes

A Filter for “Mayer” Estimations

By F. C. J. Bird

The Production of Heating Gas and Ammonia

By A. Hennin

Essence of Lemon

By Arthur A Barrett

New Form of Carbon


Tests for Vegetable Waxes

Useful Engineering Books


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    October 15, 1892

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