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United States Cruiser No. 12—The Columbia

The New Cunard Steamer Campania

The Sand Pump Hopper Dredger Thyboron

The “Rendu” of Architectural Drawings

What Keeps the Bicycle Upright?

John Greenleaf Whittier

History of Artificial Illumination

Gas Lighting at the Paris Exposition

The First Application of Bromine

An Electrical Cigar Lighter

The Siemens & Halske Dynamos


Ternary Alloys

By C. R. Alder Wright

Observations on the Habits of a Mason Wasp

The Wild Boar and his Ways

By G. Archie Stockwell

The Treatment of Typhoid Fever

The Liquefaction of Gases

By Vaughan Cornish

The Preparation and Estimation of Pure Platinum

By Herren F. Mylius and F. Forster

Useful Engineering Books


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October 29, 1892