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Projects for the Completion of the Panama Canal

Central Screw Steamers

The Twin Screw Steamship Tubular

H.M.S. Vulcan

Single Wire, Non-Insulated Telephony

Oil Making in Italy

Soap Making with Cottonseed Oil

Improved Gold Saving Machine

Settled Laundry Soap

By F. Eichbaum

The Leaning Tower at Saragossa

The Popular Idea of the Doctor Two Hundred Years ago and Now

Surgeon to the Liverpool Royal Infirmary and Professor of Anatomy to the University College, Liverpool

By Wm. Mitchell Banks

School of Pharmacy—Major Examination

Questions set by the Board of Examiners for England and Wales to October, 1892. candidates, to which are appended model answers

The Planet Venus

On the Spectra and Proper Motions of Stars

By W. H. S. Monck

Restorations of Claosaurus and Ceratosaurus

By O. C. Marsh

Acid Distilled Water

Pneumonia Treated by Ice Cold Applications

By W. Fred. Jackson

How to do up a Horse's Tail

Japanese Dominoes


Useful Engineering Books


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    November 12, 1892

    The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism