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Recent Contributions to the Chemistry and Bacteriology of the Fermentation Industries

By Percy F. Frankland

Bisulphite of Soda: Its uses and Valuation

By C. F. S. Rothwell

The Active Albumen in Plants

By O. Loew

Chemical Examination of Writing Inks

By A. Robertson and J. Hofmann

Chemistry and Palæontology

Chemistry of Digestion

Portsmouth and its Dockyard

By C. N. Robinson

Gradient Indicator

James Sargent

Sargent's Smoke Preventing Furnace

The “Fluometer”

Higher Speed of Railway Trains

The Photographic Mirage

Transparent Soap

The Manufacture of Liquors and Preserves

By J. De Brevans

The Introduction of Reindeer into Alaska

Experiments on Capillarity

Architectural Sketches in Chicago

The Total Eclipse of the Sun, 1893

Another Sea Serpent

Hippopotamus Hunting

Some of the Pale Hard Woods of New South Wales

By J. H. Maiden

Cinchona Cultivation in India

Orchella Weed

The Arrowroot Plantations of Coomera and Pimpama, Queensland

By H. L. Thompson

Apparatus for Preparing the Plaster of Paris Bandage

By M. G. McNiven


Useful Engineering Books

Refining Dental Alloy

Antiseptic Mixtures


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